Learning to blog- my rookie season

Learning to blog seems like a perfect experiment to explore feedback and learning.  Most people agree that you have to make mistakes to learn, but it’s a lot easier to say than do!  So, here I am getting right out there with my disclosure that I really don’t know what to do or where to start!  Just that admission got me a referral to Jay Goldman, author of the Facebook Cookbook, who focuses on Social Media at Rypple.

I’ve heard already that one key to good blogging is being active in a community that cares about topics I care about.  Not to just send out my thoughts, but to react to others as well.  Frankly, I’m concerned about what to say on someone else’s blog.  Should I act like I would in a face-to-face conversation?  I don’t want to leave a random comment, like “nice post!” (not helpful) or be too argumentative like, “that’s so wrong!” (too aggressive).

One of the best things I heard from Jay was about not being too self serving with comments like, “I agree, check out my post at jfxblog.com.”  He said, imagine yourself walking into a party and yelling out to everyone, “Here’s my phone number give me a call!”  You would actually move into a room, check out a few conversations and gradually offer an opinion or ask a question.” (DUH!) but really helpful.  Blogging seems like a “pay it forward” world, where helping others clarify things, helps you clarify things.

So I’m not so intimidated today.  Join me back here on this theme as I learn new things and try them out.  And feel free to share some of your best blog tips so we can all learn together.

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  1. Thanks Jay. And you qualify as my official first comment (with all benefits and honor duly earned)!

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