Thanks IDEO!!!!

The time has come for me to leave the amazing atmosphere of IDEO and jump into the bold, new world of start-ups.  Next week I will head south to Los Angeles and begin work at hulu, leaving behind the coolest place I’ve ever worked, a ton of fond memories, a pack of great friends, and a transformational experience in my professional development.  To all of the great people of IDEO who have helped me push the envelope of organization design, think crazy thoughts, and test the limits of prototyping on real people in real time:  THANK YOU.

I am forever a changed person and will always count my IDEO experience in the “best of times” category of my life.  I hope to do you proud and take design thinking to even further heights at hulu.

As you might imagine, the place where I’m heading must be pretty amazing for me to consider moving on, and well, it is pretty compelling!  There’s a lot of buzz in the world of technology and media as the new era of video distribution comes of age, and hulu is right in the middle of it.  This will be a whole new education for me as I join Jason Kilar and company in the building of a great new organization.

I’ll keep you posted on things at hulu as I get my feet wet.

  • Good luck John, may the force be with you. Keep in touch.

  • John – much luck in the new venture!

  • John – in my brief encounter with you, I have been inspired to reach beyond traditional thinking and have learned to appreciate that which lies in the periphery. Thank you for your inspiration and your willingness to share, and at minimum I feel connected through your blogs and your commitment to offer your thoughts through the various social media. I wish you well, and thank you for offering your hand when asked. Take good care.

    Member of the YMCA of the Silicon Valley Team